Best Tour Management Software

Updated: Jan 2

When you're on tour, things can get hectic. You have a lot of people to communicate with - your band members, other band's members, venues, promoters, fans, and more. You have schedules that need to stay in tact, and contracts that need to be carried out. Maybe you have a bus that breaks down completely unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere on a Friday afternoon and you're still a few hours away from the gig? Whatever you might be dealing with that day, having tools to help you stay organized can really make a difference. Here are three pieces of tour management software that you should consider for you and your team.

Artist Growth

Artist Growth is a really awesome tool, and an industry leader in tour management software. They provide an advanced calendar that allows managers to get a high-level view of all the events happening within their roster, while also making it easy for musicians to look at their current day sheet and scroll through future ones.

Artist Growth - Schedule

As soon as you log into the app you can figure out what time load-in is in two days so you can meet your friends in St. Louis for a drink before doors. Any band member can add members to the guest list on an event which makes it very easy for TM's to monitor, and then approve with a single click. On top of that, they recently released a desktop version of their software.

Artist Growth - Desktop and Mobile

You can track merch inventory, store your contact's information, manage finances, and you can do it all offline. So when you get caught in that rough patch while driving through southern Illinois you don't have to worry about accessing any information you need for the gig that night.


Immensity is not only another great tool for tour management, but management of your whole musical operation. It includes some great features similar to those in Artist Growth for managing both your daysheet and your guest list. It also includes a dashboard that shows you how you are performing on social media and streaming services.

Immensity - Dashboard

Whether you just made a post on social media of a band member recording in the studio or you just released the album, you can track the metrics that are most important you. It includes CRM functionality that integrates all of your conversations into one, easy to use feed, and helps you keep track of all your contacts.

Immensity - Activity and Contacts

So now if your band in communicating through text on set list ideas but the promoter is texting you hospitality information you can see it all in one place and respond faster. To top it off, once you finally have all your information like set lists and hospitality agreements together, you can manage an events calendar where you're able to store all the details and materials before seamlessly sending them to your team members.


Eventric is a company with several products, the most popular one being Master Tour. This tool is literally packed with features for managing all parts of your tour. You can send push notifications to team members, you can get editable HTML printouts, and like Immensity you also have a dashboard. Instead of helping you manage your social media and streaming though, Master Tour gives you an overview of all your tour information.

Master Tour - Dashboard

One of the best things that Eventric has to offer is it's Venue Directory. Within the app you can look up almost any venue in the entire world and get information on it's location, it's capacity, and the sound equipment.

Eventric - Venue Directory

Teams of all sizes in a lot of industries have had options for software they can use to manage their teams. The music industry is just starting to get on board with this trend. A great selection of tools musicians can use to manage their business is on the horizon. Fortunately tour management already has a few good options, and whether your tour has 4 people or 40 you should start seriously considering one of them. Which ever tour management tool you choose, dive-in head first and hit the road - there are people out there who want to hear your music.

At Immensity we aim to provide software that fosters growth, collaboration, and success amongst musicians and other industry professionals. Download Immensity on the Apple App Store and start managing your music business more efficiently today