Immensity FAQ

What is Immensity?

Immensity is a mobile app that is designed to help musicians and other professionals in the music industry manage their business

What features does Immensity have?

Immensity will give you a dashboard that provides reports on how you are performing on social media and streaming channels, and allows you to prioritize the reports that are most important to you. It will provide contact relationship management so you can easily interact with your network on social media, or manage your conversations via email, phone, or Facebook Messenger. Immensity will also provide a calendar function so you can keep track of all your music-related events and manage your daysheets, guest-lists, and contacts. For a more detailed breakdown check out the Key Features section on our home page. 

How much does Immensity cost?

We are currently working with a group of beta users who are experimenting with various, discounted versions of our software that will ultimately help us determine the price of our first major release. 

What do Immensity's beta users do?

Beta users use our software, provide periodic feedback, and pay a small monthly subscription fee. We try to make it as easy and as painless as possible! We will meet with you (preferably in person) to onboard our software onto your mobile device, help you create an account, and will send you simple surveys to collect your feedback.  

How do I join Immensity's beta program?

Please fill out your information here and we will get back right away!