We are Immensity

Immensity was born from being on tour and working for tech startups at the same time. Our co-founders saw that many other industries had tools to help entrepreneurs and small businesses collaborate, and grow their digital engagement and exposure. Independent artists and their teams did not have the same caliber of options. Since then, Immensity has made it our goal to build streamlined, intelligent technology for the music industry and help artists grow. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that if independent artists, managers, and music students have smarter tools to manage themselves and grow their digital presence, there will be more music in the world - and that makes the world a better place. 

Our Mission

At Immensity our mission is simple - to make music easier. We aim to provide software that fosters growth, collaboration, and success amongst musicians and other industry professionals.

Our Team

We are a team of 8, and we're based in Boston, MA. Our team is made up of musicians, developers, business-pros, social media and marketing gurus, and more. Our diverse backgrounds put us in a unique position to do something that is really positive for artists and the music industry. As a team, that is our plan.